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UNL Cropwatch April 16 2018

Apr 16, 2018, 13:32 PM by Clint Hawks

Corn and Soybean Production



Corn seed emergence problem

Cold Soil Temperature and Corn Planting Windows


With stormy conditions back in the picture, many growers may be concerned about planting corn into cold, wet soils? By checking weather forecasts and soil temperature growers can identify 48-hour windows of opportunity for planting.



Cold Germination Test for Corn and Soybeans


A cold germination test is used to evaluate the emergence of a seed lot in cold wet soils. Developed to simulate adverse field conditions, it is the most widely used vigor test for corn and soybean.



Determining Beginning Soil Moisture for Planning Decisions


Soil moisture sensors installed now can provide valuable information for dryland producers who want to determine existing soil moisture and adjust cropping or planting plans.



Efficacy of Foliar Insecticides for Western Bean Cutworm in Corn


Researchers report on three years of field research in west central Nebraska where 4-14 insecticide treatments were tested under irrigated conditions for control of western bean cutworm.



KSU Assesses Yield Potential of Drought-Tolerant Corn


Research by Kansas State University on yield potential of drought-tolerant corn showed yields varied but often were equal to their non-DT counterparts. The advantage of the DT hybrids became more evident when the water stress increased to the point of leaves rolling most days.



Weed Management



Solenoid valve on a pulse-width modulation sprayer

Achieving Precise Spray Droplet Sizes for Optimizing Herbicide Applications


Achieving the most effective and consistent spray droplet size helps provide for precision application of pesticides, which saves input costs and reduces off-target movement. University researchers using a pulse-width modulation sprayer studied the best droplet size for effective weed control with six herbicides used in Nebraska crop production.



Soil Nutrient Management



What's New with Micronutrients?


Micronutrients are in the spotlight these days with new biological products coming to market. This update looks at micronutrient research updates, including which nutrients are likely to enhance profit and how results can differ among different soil tests.



Improving the Efficiency of Applied Organic N


University research is offering new insights into plant use efficiency of organic N resources such as livestock manure, municipal bio-solids, and others. The studies continue through 2018.



Soil Health Nexus Looks to Better Understand your Soil Health Challenges


The Soil Health Nexus is conducting a short survey to better understand your soil health challenges. Which benefits of soil health are most important to you? What practices do you use to improve soil health? Water quality?



Weather Forecast



Spring Still Elusive as Cold then Rains to Quickly Follow Warm-up


With the first half of April as much as 20 degrees below normal temperatures, growers are wondering when a long-term warm-up is in sight. See what climatologist Al Dutcher forecasts for the second half of April in this week's story.



Farm Families



Building Family Resiliency Starts with You


Just as important as creating a weather resilient and financially resilient farm is creating a resilient farm family. As farmers and ranchers face stress, it's important to identify and manage the common stressors and model coping strategies for their families.



Sugarbeet Production



The First Identified Root Pathogen: Rhizoctonia


This is the second article in a series on distinct sugar beet root rot diseases caused by the genus Rhizoctonia. This week Rhizoctonia solani and Rhizoctonia solani are featured.



Farm Management



Excel Pro Tip: Conditional Formatting


This series — Excel Pro Tips — covers some of the best formulas, tables, conditional formatting, and other processes to help users manage their farm record keeping more efficiently. This week it looks at conditional formatting, which can change the formatting of cells to provide fast visual cues to potential discrepancies.



Ag Updates



North Platte River Water System Update

North Platte River water operations and deliveries are expected to be normal for 2018, with no allocations expected, and an expected demand of 1.1 million acre-feet.

Market Journal on WASDE, Soil Sensors, Genetic Improvements in Sorghum

In one of this week's segments on Market Journal David Holding, assistant professor of plant molecular genetics, provides an overview of new gene editing technology being used to enhance the nutritional value of sorghum and improve the digestibility of proteins.

Team Registration Open for Youth Crop Scouting Contest


Teams of youth interested in learning crop scouting and competing for cash prizes areencouraged to enter the 5th annual Crop Scouting Competition for Nebraska Youth. Teams are encouraged to form and register now for the July 26 event so they can start studies and preparations to compete.

Winter Wheat 58% Good to Excellent


April Workshops on Farm Succession and Ag Liens, Loans and Leases

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