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UNL CropWatch Nov-10

Nov 13, 2017, 10:31 AM by Clint Hawks
Articles from University of Nebraska's weekly digest.

Corn Production



Sensor-equipped drone

Grower Experiences with Picking Up Downed Corn


This photo series of grower solutions illustrates several non-livestock options for picking up corn on the ground, including the use of a rake and combine with a pick-up attachment.




Sample display from IrrigateCost App

Nebraska Corn Board Supports Free Corn Nematode Testing


A new program to provide free soil analysis for corn nematodes is being made possible by the Nebraska Corn Board. Growers are invited to submit soil samples to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln lab from now through spring to be tested for the root-lesion nematode.



Soybean Production



Nitrogen on Soybeans — the Hope Never Dies


Nebraska Soil Scientist Charles Shapiro offers a synopsis of two new publications, both with University of Nebraska authors, that address the question of the nitrogen deficit between soil supply and nitrogen fixation and what affects whether increased nitrogen leads to increased yield.



Quality SCN Samples are Part Science, Part Art


Taking quality soil samples to test for SCN is part science and part art. Consider these recommendations for getting the most from your SCN sampling this fall.



Weed Management



Graph of soil water-holding capacity

Low Temperature and Frost May Affect Efficacy of Burndown Herbicides


Timely fall weed control, especially of marestail and other winter annuals, can be essential to your weed management program. See how timing and temperature may affect efficiency.



Graph of soil water-holding capacity

Reminder: University & Sprayer Co. Experts to Address Dicamba and Enlist Applications


Learn how to achieve maximum performance while avoiding injury to conventional and non-Xtend soybeans at a Nov. 15 Sprayer Clinic at Curtis.It will focus on application of the new dicamba and Enlist herbicides.



Grain Management



Grain being loaded into a truck

Why Grain Test Weights Matter


What factors influence grain test weights and why aren't test weights necessarily an indicator of grain quality? More on these topics and what to consider when trucking high test-weight grain down the highway.

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