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UNL's CropWatch Nov-3

Nov 9, 2017, 08:54 AM by Clint Hawks

Corn Production



Down corn

Potential Factors of Weakened Ear Shanks and Ear Loss


While late October winds were likely the final catalyst, a number of factors throughout the season may have contributed to extensive corn ear drop this harvest.


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How windy was it? A look at Nebraska gusts Oct. 23-27

As evidenced by field after field of broken corn stalks and ears lying on the ground, the Nebraska plains were swept by winds of 30-50 mph, often over a sustained period, Oct. 23-27.



Growing Season Officially Over for Nebraska

On Oct. 28, the last of Nebraska's Mesonet weather stations recorded a hard freeze of 28°F, effectively bringing the state's growing season to an end. A table shows freeze dates for 63 sites.






Cleaning a pesticide sprayer

Winter Pesticide Storage


Check out these recommendations for storing away pesticides and your sprayer to avoid product loss and equipment damage over winter.




Herbicide sprayer

University & Sprayer Co. Experts to Address Dicamba and Enlist Application at Clinic


Learn how to achieve maximum performance while avoiding injury to conventional and non-Xtend soybeans at a Nov. 15 Sprayer Clinic focusing on application of the new dicamba and Enlist herbicides.






Engineering Research to Focus on Next Generation Ag Technologies


The next generation of ag technologies is the focus of three new USDA-funded research projects in the Biological Systems Engineering Department at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.



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Corn harvest in the Nebraska Panhandle

Harvest Progress in the Panhandle


Corn harvest is progressing with yields of 80-100 bu/ac on dryland and 160–220 bu/ac on irrigated. Dry bean harvest is almost done, but regular sugar beet harvest has slowed due to temperature fluctuations.





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