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MSU Field Crop News 1-Nov

Nov 9, 2017, 08:56 AM by Clint Hawks



Soil testing this fall? Split your sample and test for soybean cyst nematodes

October 31, 2017|Bruce MacKellar| Consider splitting your soil sample and testing for soybean cyst nematodes on your bean stubble fields.


Horseweed concerns are mounting for farmers

October 27, 2017|Phil Kaatz| Horseweed, commonly referred to as marestail, continues to spread across Michigan.


Sound cash rental decisions for landowners

October 19, 2017|George Silva| Cash rate should not be the sole factor in cropland rental decisions.


The Michigan Corn Stover Project – Part 4: Stover harvest implications

October 18, 2017|Eric Anderson| On-farm research sheds light on what impacts corn stover harvesting will have on farming operations in Michigan.


Soybean maturity group and yield – Experience from the Thumb

October 13, 2017|Bob Battel| How did soybean maturity group relate to yield in Michigan’s Thumb?


Relative maturity and its relationship to yield and moisture – results from the Thumb

October 13, 2017|Bob Battel| Data from several years of growing corn hybrids with varying relative maturities demonstrate the relationship between grain yields and grain moisture content.

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